Dorji Khandu

Being an Engineer by Profession and a Servant Leader by Passion.

Coinciding with the auspicious Duechen Nga Zom or Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana, I’m blessed in manifolds to receive Dhar (Scarf) from His Majesty the King along with the Hon’ble Thrizin and other Hon’ble National Council members at the Tashichhodzong. While I expected a humble day, I’m doubly honored that the Hon’ble Foreign Minister, Lyonpo Damchoe Dorji along with the folks of Gasa led by Dasho Dzongda and officials showed up in mass and unity to make the very day memorable. Many dignitaries, friends, and well-wishers followed up with Tashi Khadhar, showering me with ‘Best Wishes’, ‘Tashi Delek’, ‘Congratulations’ etc…and these ambiances will not fade away anytime soon from my heart and I cherish every single person who showed up in my camp at scenic Trongsa Penlop Restaurant, Thimphu. The great day sealed with another blessing from Zhung Yonten Lopen, Trulku Thinley Rinpoche towards the end of the day. Once again, with ecstasy, joy, and happiness, may I once again thank our generous supporters, electorates and folks of Gasa Dzongkhag.
Thank you.